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House of Marlow is above all a love story.

It started with love at first sight with lingerie, the discovery of the body, femininity, and self-love.Stories that can be told through these fine pieces with luxurious materials and endless possibilities. It was then an idyll with jewelry, through a year of travel, meeting artisans and discovering precious stones. We then dreamed swimming deep again with our first love, met in the shade of the coconut trees. And from this reunion was born the first collection of swimsuits made from recycled fabrics, because love for beautiful things rhymes with love for the planet, and in any new creation we have its interest at heart.

Designer and dreamer of refined lingerie that is both ethical and poetic, affordable and upscale.

After a life under the mild tropical sun, Billie Marlow moved to Paris and joined ESMOD school where she learned the traditions of French lingerie and corsetry. She then proved herself in various design studios and luxury lingerie houses, but for this lover of poetry, fascinated by the power of stories, the desire to tell her own grew more and more. House of Marlow was born. A strong name for a brand that wants to be light, illustration of the duality that makes up its DNA. Neither brothel nor dollhouse, House of Marlow refuses to choose between innocence and sensuality and delicately combines both.

“Polissonne” and “L'indolente”, the first two collections are warmly welcomed by clients and boutiques. Since then, two collections per year of fine lingerie and jewelry write a new chapter in our story, from intimacy to self-expression.

Combining new shapes with noble materials selected with the greatest care and interest,discover our manufacturing process.

"Femininity has many facets, and I aspire to create pieces that will tell stories sprinkled of innocence and elegance, often associated with an assumed sensual touch." - Billie

Our world

Our inspirations are multiple as are our creations. So we listen to our desires and our dreams, and turn them into reality.

The thought that resonates in our heart ? Escape to a cocoon of softness.

A journey to unexpected encounters, a tear shed before a film from the past, a song or a poem with controversial lyrics, a flower or a painting that one never tires of observing. So many elements of our cocoon that we soak up to create your lingerie and jewelry.

The Team

Billie: Concept designer and pattern maker, she designs and develops each model in her soft and dreamlike aesthetic.

François: Responsible for all visual creation and communication, he brings our designs to life in images.

Stéfanie: Gold at her fingertips, she thinks, develops and makes the House of Marlow range of jewelry.

Over the collections, talented and creative little hands join the adventure as part of their apprenticeship, together we develop each new piece and write new stories.

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